Engaging people with your marketing benefits is not enough. You also need to make it entertaining.

But you do not need to be Aladdin to generate leads by rubbing the lamp to request it to the Genie.

Many marketers don’t know how to use a comic approach in their marketing.

Ever thought of using character and comic elements to make your marketing messages more interesting? By adding some characters and fun stuff, you can create something that’s both entertaining and engaging.

For example, CopyMonk released their first cartoon strip & got attention in the copywriting community with this idea.

This is an excellent idea that needs more resources and time to be developed fully. I found this idea at the following blog as a series by Mark Joyner to help you with your next powerful lead magnet!

It can be challenging to get people’s attention with your content, especially if you are trying to sell something or promote yourself as an expert.

Comics, cartoons, and memes are fun to get attention on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram (Globally on media like Tik Tok).

They also help you stand out from the crowd when it comes to email newsletters or promotional messages for your business. If done well, they can make your brand more memorable too.

Have you ever seen comic strips as a lead magnet for business other than Chacha Chaudhary comics or Twinkle for entertainment purposes?

Drop your thought in the comment window below.

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