I created Day 05 challenge with one goal in mind – to help you grow your business through effective marketing strategies.

There are many ways to generate leads, but today we will focus on one of the best and cheapest channels for lead generation.

The problem is that there are so many prospects who need a solution for their problems, they have no idea where to start from.

And you can help them by sharing your knowledge in the form of an email course which will be delivered directly into their inboxes. You can create this email course using Microsoft Word and broadcast it via GetResponse or any other email software.

An email course is a lead magnet that will provide information in predetermined intervals. Therefore, it’s best to break your content into small, daily, or weekly emails with one lesson per email.

This way, they can learn at their own pace and will be excited to receive the next part of the series every morning or at a specific time mentioned by you.

Be sure not to make these too long. Typically, most courses last anywhere between 10-16 emails or so.

Please share your experience in this journey and let me know which tool, subject, or idea related to digital marketing you want me to cover in the coming days.

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