Customers are not interested in the product or service; they’re just looking for something that can solve their problems.

If you want your business to thrive and grow, you need to make sure your marketing shows people how your products or services will change their lives.

When customers feel like they have a problem with no solution, it creates an opportunity for you as a marketer because now they’re ready to hear about your product/service!

What does it cost your clients to not do business with you? When you help them understand how much they are losing out by ignoring what we have, the perceived value of those products increases.

What pain are customers avoiding if they buy from us? What problems will continue without our product or service that can end for them?

What’s costing your clientele to avoid doing business with you, and why should it be a concern in their eyes and yours, so everyone benefits at the same time.

If someone doesn’t see any reason whatsoever because nothing seems wrong, then look into ways to help them see it from a different viewpoint.

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