I do not have any doubt that every business and individual with a website is constantly ‘paranoid’ about the traffic stats. The reason is simple – more traffic means an increase in visibility for the company / individual, which in turn could ramp up conversions and lead to more customers and enhanced revenue. How can you increase website traffic in a short time of 30 days? This is not a question with one or easy answers. Whatever be the answers, the fact is that it is extremely critical for a website to have a steady stream of visitors and an increasing number of page views. What do you believe is the best way to become the top website in your chosen industry?

Let us look at some fairly obvious and effective methods, yet these seem ignored by a number of companies or they just seem unable to do them right.

  • Content is king – we know that. Creating top class content that is useful, entertaining, and easily accessible, is one of the top ways to attract more attention from visitors. The content becomes indispensable when it can help to alleviate problems or pain areas for the readers and focus on their immediate needs. Of course, for content to be read, it must garner attention and be easily ‘found’ via search engines. Statistics prove that one of the most effective ways to get content found and read is through enticing and interesting headlines – eight out of every 10 people are sure to click on a content piece if the heading appeals to them.
  • Readers leave a plethora of ideas online through their comments and reviews of articles. These comments have a sea of ideas for the kind of content people would like to read. By publishing content based on what readers would like, you can be sure of increasing the number of people visiting your website (and other online sites). The content would appeal to them since it would be based on ideas that were generated by them, without them being aware of it.
  • Long tail keywords are the latest addition to the list of things that would gain attention to your website. Single keywords, it seems, is no longer an effective and viable way of garnering attention. Experts recommend using some common words and phrases, in tandem with the main keyword or keywords you believe would be easy to, and regularly searched.
  • It would be safe to assume that most people and business also have social media sites. In fact, these sites are the most visible and ‘viral’ of all online presence. By fostering relationships and connecting via social media, a company/individual would find it a lot easier to gauge the interests, preferences, and subjects that concern people. Curating content of thought leaders and industry experts, and linking it with original content from your company, and then ‘releasing’ the content through social media, can gain some ‘serious’ attention for your company. In addition, your company would be able to build relationships and connections with the experts whose content you would have shared.
  • There is no alternative to active advertising. With so many channels through which a company can communicate and reach out, it would make sense to leverage the strength of all through advertising – paid searches, ad networks, advertising via social media pages, and the other traditional forms of advertisements too. Advertising is a great way of attracting attention towards your company and its website. Efficient and effective advertising would not only gain more visitors, but would increase the possibilities of conversions leading to more business. Each channel has its strengths and shortcomings – hence a company must think of its goals and advertising strategy carefully before using one or another channel.

There are obviously many more ways to garner attention for your company’s website. However, what a company must remember that gaining visitors would be of no use if the website were slow or unresponsive. Statistics show that people tend to give up a search mid-way if a website takes more than 30 seconds to load – that is an extremely short time frame within which a company can gain or lose a visitor. Most importantly, it is crucial to remember that customers now are always on the go, and most searches are conducted via mobile phones and other smart hand-held devices. This means that a company’s online presence – especially the website must be in a mobile-friendly format, should load quickly, and be easy to navigate. In addition, to quick loading, the website should be easy and convenient to view on the smaller screens of phones.

Let us know what you think and if you have any ideas about how to garner increased website traffic within 30 days. Till then, we are certain that if these methods are applied correctly, they could garner a lot more interest for your company’s website, and lead to possible conversions. You should enlist the help of an expert who would help you to gain more attention for your business and accelerate its growth.

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