You have written a book but not getting any traction the way you expected.

If you have written a book to build authority, but your book is not doing anything like that or just lying on the floor & getting old, then this is for you.

The time is now! The world of ebooks has taken over, and physical books are becoming obsolete. Your book can be used as a great lead magnet to attract high-quality leads and get them interested in what else you have to offer.

All that’s needed is the shipping cost and boom: instant tangible product for those wanting something more than just digital content on their screens and qualified prospect with high intent as they have taken out their card to pay you shipping fee.

Use your book as an asset to help you grow your business by giving it away free with shipping charges or selling at an affordable price with free shipping. Whatever works for you.

The team has created a free book with an innovative shipping strategy! If you need inspiration or want to see this idea in action, then check out Russel Brunson’s new information-packed book at

Do you want a free copy of my book, Instant Content ( This offer is for the people interested in seeing how the instant content framework works and who want some inspiration on getting their ideas off the ground to create instant content for their business!

If that sounds good to you, please leave me your email address with an “I need a free copy of Instant Content” written as a comment below.

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