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Content marketing is the most effective way to build trust with your buyer and get them to take action. But it’s not easy. You need a strategy that includes creating great content, distribution, and promotion.

If you want your content to be seen by more than just your friends and family, Resource Vault (a fancy name, but it is called resource page in plain english) is for you.

We know that great content doesn’t mean anything if nobody sees it.

Resource page can help you do all three of these things (content creation, distribution and promotion) so you can focus on what matters most – building relationships with your buyers!

Your buyers are looking for answers – not ads or sales pitches. They need information they can trust from an expert who understands their needs and challenges. And they don’t want to wait around forever for it either!

By visiting a Resource page, they’ll find all the resources on one page that will answer any question about what you offer them.

From case studies to guides and other lead magnets designed specifically for learners at every level of expertise (but beginners will benefit most).

Need ideas: Check out the start solar hub for all you need to start your solar journey in VIC, Australia

Need some ideas for lead generation and lead marketing, check Animon Live’s resource section to get inspiration:

Having a resource page on your website not only increases the average time spent on time but also reduces the bounce rate* to improve the quality of traffic on your website.
Bounce rate: It means people are coming to your website, not doing anything on your website, and leaving the website unless they are bots.

Do you have a resource page on your website?

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