About the Client:

Rallison is a customer friendly electrical cable and products manufacturer with a successful market-driven existence of twenty-five years. Right from the inception, assuring the customers a peace of mind is their main purpose and objective. Rallison offers a variety of cables such as power cables and fire survival cables to its customers all over the country.

Business Challenges:

There were several shortcomings identified in their objective of becoming the number one result when people searched the Internet using certain specific keywords.
The main observations that Animon Live addressed were:
• A lack of focused and targeted keyword
• Very High Bounce rate
• Almost no internal linking and back references
Weak website content
• Low conversion rate for any site visitors

After analyzing the above shortcomings and working with the Rallison management, the Animon Live teams came up with a customized strategy and approach for bringing up the website ranking and improving conversions from the website traffic.

The SEO team at Animon Live covered all the bases in a step-by-step strategic approach:
1. The teams implemented a fully integrated SEO strategy that included improving the quality of the existing website content and bring in a fresh approach to the regular blogs and articles being posted on the interactive section of the website.
2. A far-reaching content strategy was worked out that provided an overview and a proposed calendar of social media posts on a weekly and monthly basis.
3. The primary keywords and their logical variations were thoroughly worked out and included in the website content. Keyword stuffing was completely avoided to ensure Google servers did not down rank the website.
4. The overall look and feel of the website was improved to make it more pleasing and customer friendly.
5. The language and quality of the previous blogs were also improved to make them accurate and relevant. Interaction with the visitors on the website was handled in a professional and prompt manner.


A strategic approach with the end result in constant view has been the success story at Rallison.
Within three months of implementing the above steps and working diligently on the content has resulted in improved website traffic from around a 100 in September to 3000 in December 2017.

Page rank has been consistently improving. When the right keywords are used to search for wire and cable manufacturers in India, the Rallison website features as the first website in the search results. This is a great achievement and has improved the website visits as well as genuine conversions from the website search results and leads.

Before the strategy and SEO were implemented, Rallison saw almost zero interactions through web search results and are now enjoying the benefits of the right strategy implemented by the right SEO Services with the correct teams in place.

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