With digitization and the surge in social media, customers now have more access to information and brands have many more avenues through which to communicate with their customers. Companies need to use every channel and opportunity to reach out to their customers in a way that breeds trust and loyalty.  Flashy advertisements and promotions no longer suffice, especially if your brand is part of their ‘social pages’. Content Marketing is all about giving customers value added information, advice, engaging and interesting material that stokes their imagination and arouses curiosity. A great content marketing strategy proves successful and can increase ROI significantly.

How does content marketing help?

 Free, useful, and engaging content is highly sought after by customers and other readers. It provides them with pertinent information they may need to make their lives simpler or even enhance business. Regular ‘publishing’ of content will ensure that your company’s online presence has a steady flow of ‘readers and visitors’. The more time customers and others spend on your sites, the more likely they are to remain and become involved with your brand – leading to higher awareness of your brand.

 Content marketing leads your brand to be perceived as an ‘authority’ or expert on a subject. By consistently putting out information regarding a subject of wide interest, customers and others find it easier to trust a brand and make buying decisions in its favour. As readership increases, a company is better positioned to understand what its customers and target audience need and want. Being able to ‘know’ your customers – both existing and potential, is a competitive advantage leading to ‘engagement.’ An increase in customer engagement, eventually leads to them becoming loyal brand ambassadors – a feat, which all aspire to, but only a few achieve.

 There would be little use of great content if search engines do not pick it up and place them on the SERPs. A content marketing strategy is the tool that enables content to ‘be found’, as it increases SEO. The use of keywords and pointers would ensure that search engines present the content to readers, thereby consistently associating the content with a brand. A preferred ranking from search engines increases reach and effectiveness of your brand through the content.

 Whatever helps customers and other people becomes ‘attractive’ and wanted by them. Customers expect a company and its brand to deliver value and useful insights to make their business successful and contribute to the quality of their lives too. A company’s website and social media sites must present something worthwhile such that customers and other readers keep going back for a ‘visit’. This something is good quality content, handy tips, helpful advice, and other such ‘pearls of wisdom’, which they can use. Content Marketing then, adds value and importance to a brand, making it more likeable for a wide audience.

There is no doubt that great content would create positive, powerful, and lasting associations with a brand. This is turn increases interest, thereby raising the chances of ‘conversions’ from casual visitors to actual buying customers. The thumb rule for content is that it should be simple, easy to use, free from industry and company jargon, and serve to captivate audience long enough to translate to business.  What does your content marketing strategy say about the company?

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