I’ve sat at the high-stakes tables of life when I travelled — literally and metaphorically. Twice in a casino, once Down Under in Australia (Year 2018) and most recently (Year 2023) in Nepal, where the dice rolled unpredictably.

You catch a glimpse of a pattern, toss the dice, and either the universe winks back at you or it doesn’t. In Australia, it did — I quadrupled my money, turn $50 into $200. In Nepal? I chased the thrill until my pockets were empty (almost $150). By the way, these figures are in AUD.

The game of PPC (Google Adwords) is fickle; one wrong move and you’re sent right back to the starting square. That was my impression of PPC — like a game of Ludo where the dice seemed loaded against me. My skepticism about PPC was at an all-time high. Until, of course, I struck gold. Not in the form of ROI, but in something infinitely more valuable.

So, if you’re wondering, “Could PPC offer more than just conversions?” come along on this journey with me. Spoiler alert: I didn’t just break even; I unearthed something that transformed my whole understand about SEO.

The Origins of My Skepticism You know in Ludo, you can’t even start until you roll a six? That’s what PPC felt like for me. Waiting for that elusive “six,” a meaningful conversion, became a draining, endless loop. All I seemed to roll were twos and threes — clicks that went nowhere.

The ROI looked grim, and my budget was draining out without anything to show for it. It was like waiting for your turn while everyone else zipped around the board.
That was it; I had had enough. It was like staring at a Ludo board where everyone else is winning, and you’re contemplating whether to continue playing or pack up and go home. I was milliseconds away from clicking that ‘End Campaign’ button.

But then, like that unexpected turn in a Ludo game when you get the roll you need, I decided to revisit my campaign analytics one last time.

And there it appeared — the “Internet Search Optimisation” keyword. It was like finding a full house in a game of Teen Patti when you’ve been losing all night. That keyword wasn’t just a data point; it was a glimmer of hope, a hidden gem that held the promise of turning the tide.

A New Approach: Let’s Experiment!

Energised by my newfound discovery, I decided it was time for an experiment. I knew I had to adjust my game plan. PPC was no longer just a tool for conversions; it was now my excavation site for hidden keyword gems.

I tweaked my campaign objectives and waited. Soon enough, my dashboard showed signs of life with keywords where my ads was getting impression. There they were: unique, low-competition, and most importantly, real-time keywords.

Uncovering unique, low-competition, real-time keywords through PPC is a transformative experience that has multiple advantages:

Unique: In the saturated world of search engine optimisation, finding a keyword that is not only relevant but also unique is invaluable. These are opportunities that haven’t been fully leveraged yet. You’re essentially forging a path where there’s less noise, allowing you to be heard more clearly.

Low-Competition: Low-competition keywords offer you a way to climb search rankings without having to battle it out with every other business in your field. These are the low-hanging fruits of the SEO world — easy to reach and yet deeply satisfying.

Real-Time: The dynamism of real-time keywords can’t be understated. Markets change, customer preferences shift, and real-time keywords help you adapt as these changes occur. They offer a snapshot of what your audience is currently interested in, giving you the advantage of timeliness.

The Lesson: Shattering Preconceived Notions

Initially, my skepticism held me back from seeing PPC as anything more than a tool for quick conversions. But this journey shattered that narrow view. I had to challenge my own beliefs to gain a richer understanding of its capabilities. Turns out, PPC isn’t just a conversion machine; it’s an invaluable discovery tool that can reveal hidden opportunities in real-time. By questioning my own preconceptions, I opened up a world of possibilities that I would have otherwise overlooked.

PPC isn’t just a conversion machine; it’s an invaluable discovery tool that can reveal hidden opportunities in real-time.

This journey of PPC aka Casino of my business has been both emotionally challenging and practically enlightening. I had to face my own doubts, confront my assumptions, and be willing to take a leap of faith. But it was all worth it. I moved from being a skeptic to becoming a believer in the broader capabilities of PPC.

So, here’s the crucial question: Are you willing to challenge your own marketing beliefs for untapped opportunities?

What’s Next?

I’ve got to say, the future looks promising. This journey has opened up a new realm of possibilities that I’m eager to explore. I’ll be zooming in on “Internet Search Optimisation” and sharing fresh insights in my upcoming posts. Are you on board to take this journey with me and see where these experiments lead us?

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