Our Santa for the Day 09 is Navoday Bharat by Devender Singh.

Navoday Bharat (http://navodaybharat.org), a non-political and not for profit voluntary organisation committed for the upliftment of nation’s youth to make the country a superpower on all fronts, because youth is the greatest asset of a nation. The quality of youth in a nation determines the quality of its future.

Navoday Bharat is a mission to direct the youth energy into right channels to make the country a superpower. Knowledge is the new weapon age weapon which can make or break a society.

Realizing this very need, Navoday Bharat has come forward to harness youth power through their constant guidance and encouragement. Creating the strongest and most prosperous nation on the earth is our mission. They want to promote a corruption free society with equality, justice and human values. Promoting social harmony, removing castiesm are critical for faster social development.

Thank you, Devender Singh, for being our Santa. Really, #YouAreOurSanta

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