You know that scripts are important for movies and plays, but do you realise how useful they can be in lead generation?

There are a lot of businesses where scripts make the difference between success and failure when we talk about marketing.

If you’re looking to sell your sales training programs & improve your sales numbers, or if you want them to impress people with your training program, you need to give them a script. If someone has trouble speaking or writing well, give them a script. For example, if someone wants to be the best salesperson in their company (and sell more than everyone else), offer them some well-worded scripts on handling objections!

Rikhi Khurana Are you in the corporate gifting business? Share a script as a lead magnet for your influencers (for gifting). This will help marketing & HR department heads convince their bosses why gifting solutions make sense for employees, especially when it comes time to gift corporate gifts like headsets or welcome kits.

Social Media Examiner has dedicated page to provide script to convince any boss for their GA course:

Do you want to be a digital marketer and switch your profile in your company? Call me or drop me a message; I’ll share the script to convince your boss. You have one life as a movie & you are the hero – let’s make it count with the script! (It is an exaggeration, but this is the fact.)

You want to be a digital marketer and switch your profile in your company, call me or drop me a message to get a script to know how you can convince your boss for this training program or maybe to your parents? It doesn’t matter.

By the way, here is the link to this training program in case if you want to know more about it:

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