If you have been wondering what shopimart is or could be, you have come to the right place. This post is going to be a refresher and a quick start up guide with the revolutionary e-commerce product.

So what is shopimart? Quite simple, its an e-store that becomes what you want it to be. Fifty products, two categories? Shopimart will do it. Thousands of product across dozens of categories? Shopimart can handle it quite easily.

What’s more, we will create the e-store for you.

Unlike other e-commerce solutions, Shopimart isn’t a ‘do-it-yourself’ template model. Instead, it is something that we like to call ‘we-do-it-for-you’ model. Give us your product images and categories and we will set up the store exactly the way you want. No templates. No fixed categories.

Completely customizable to the last detail. An online shop just the way you want it.

Shopimart stores are multi-platform friendly and come with all pre-requisites of an e-commerce store: trackable orders, order tracking, auto mailers, integrated payment gateway and many others. To get a complete insight into its features, visit the product website at www.shopimart.co.in.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are still thinking about setting up your online store, this quick video should get you started!

Till next time,
Team Animon Live.

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