We know that one of the top ways to move your website to a top rank on Google is to build several high-quality backlinks for it. However, what must be remembered is that not all backlinks are good from the SEO perspective. Sloppy techniques and automated tools to build hundreds of backlinks daily are certainly not the way to go anymore. For the SEO and Google of today, fewer but relevant backlinks are of more value than a truckload of nonsense ones. Do you know what goes into building good backlinks for your website? Do you have the right strategy woven into a good online marketing plan to build these? Let us look at what building backlinks for your website is about.

Everyone knows that there is a sea of information on the internet today. However, what everyone should also know is that not all the information and tips therein, are from known or reliable sources. Another fact is that if someone, for example, has discovered the ‘secret’ to gaining and sustaining top rank in the search engine rankings, they are unlikely to reveal that ‘secret’ to others, and would much rather put in ‘tips’ that could have the completely opposite result. Very real – think about it. The point here is that before putting in backlinks on your website, ensure that you thoroughly research and study the information and sources. A small investment would enable you to create tests to test the efficacy of the backlinks before adding them.

As with every aspect of a business, building backlinks for your website takes time and fortitude too. Links do not just happen – you would need to build them and take steps to drive traffic to your website. One of the ways to build trustworthy links is by writing posts as a guest on reputed sites within your niche or area of expertise. By doing so, you would get the attention you need, stand out from the crowed, and be able to create links back to your website too. Of course, the ‘magic’ of being noticed will not happen overnight – hence, as mentioned the backlinks would take time build and bring traffic to your site.

Ensure that all the backlinks created, appear natural, and cannot be traced back to you. They must all appear different and from various sources – hence avoid using the same name when writing guest posts, remember to change the description of your website, and other such techniques that will not trace the backlinks to your company. Some of the best backlinks are the ones that come from the websites of reputed companies. Such sites will have good content and loads of social media interactions. These backlinks can either be ‘earned’ or built on your own. The fact is that the same techniques may not work for each person / company, which is why we mentioned earlier in this exposition, that one should conduct tests to decide what would work best for your website – building backlinks and gaining more traffic. It would help to make a cursory check on what competitors are doing with regard to this strategy – if it is working, it would be a good idea to adopt.

Building backlinks for your website require tenacity, caution, knowledge, and patience. Each link must be monitored carefully, irrespective of whether you created or earned it, and ensure that each one is verified to ensure it rates high on SEO value. Avoid getting backlinks from sources that you cannot verify, have no control over, or seem ‘shady’ in any way. The last thing you would want for your website is for it to be ‘flooded’ with links that serve no purpose and yet you would be unable to remove.

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