Don’t worry about your math skills. We’ve got you covered.

Calculators have been a boon to every kid who was terrible at math. And now to marketers too!

You’ve been looking for a way to increase engagement to generate leads without spending money on ads.

With more and more companies using SEO, social media, and email marketing, the key to your marketing is engagement.

Tools like calculators are great for lead generation and also help you to keep your visitors engaged.

They help website visitors engaged on your website or landing pages to increase engagement. And they can be used as lead magnets, too!

With tools and calculators, you can create various lead generators to get people excited about your company.

These tools are easy to use and provide an excellent ROI for any business owner who wants to drive more traffic into their site or app.

One of such tools we used to start solar in Australia and really helped us to generate high intent quality leads. You can check this calculator in action:

Did you like this lead magnet idea? Share your challenges you are having to generate leads in the comment box.

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