In the ‘world’ of social media, Facebook continues to reign supreme as the platform where people share their experiences, and share loads of information online. This platform has moved from only being one of ‘meeting people and making friends’, to a venue for business and a place where companies can promote and market through their interaction with customers and self-promotion. Irrespective of the size of a business, Facebook is a powerful tool for marketing and a great way to develop your brand, widen your reach, and keep your target audience informed about your company.

Just as your website is the ‘face’ of your company, you must pay as much attention to the business page on Facebook. This ‘page’ is free and allows businesses to make themselves known through more than just a listing of their company’s offerings. They can share links, posts, images, and videos through this page, which can be customized to match the culture, vision, and ‘personality’ of the business. The great part about Facebook is that the tone of messages and the content can be less formal and even humorous – the idea is to stay connected with customers, and allow them to remain connected to your business, through enjoyable and shareable content.

Facebook advertisements are the unique form of promotion for this platform and usually appear on the side columns of any FB site. Implementing Facebook advertising to your marketing strategy is a great technique for driving website clicks and encouraging ‘likes’. The features of FB advertising are attractive and allow companies to target customers by using demographics such as age, education, interests, location, and other such aspects. A company can set aside a budget for these advertisements and run multiple versions of the advertisement simultaneously, which allows comparisons that enable tweaking of design and setup of these ads. This feature also has a built-in measurement tool to measure the performance of the advertisements.

When readers click on like, they become followers of your business page, and any posts from your company would appear on their FB news feed. This in turn increases reach and interaction with your brand – which over time takes the form of a robust relationship leading to conversions. Try out platforms such as KONTAGIN exclusively built for Facebook and make your customers your most powerful and potent form of advertising.

Contests on Facebook are another great marketing tactic – they arouse interest and are a great way to get ‘readers and fans’ to know more about your business and brand. While contest cannot be directly hosted on Facebook, businesses can use a third part application to create these contests and then bring users to the contest by directing them from their FB page.

Facebook posts allow page owners to promote their individual FB posts at a flat rate. This increases the reach and impression of their posts to a much larger audience. They are easy to set up – just by clicking the button under any of your page posts. The flat rate makes the process simple.

Sponsored stories are a form of FB ads – these display the user’s interactions such as the number of likes. The user’s friends and associates are more likely to be influenced by this ‘word of mouth’ advertisement – they would pay more attention to a post when they see that a friend or associate seems to endorse / like it. This form of ‘story telling’ has a better impact on a larger number of users and they are more likely to be interested in ‘offers’, ‘proposals, discounts and other such things from companies, because their ‘friend’ liked or used them.

The premise of marketing is to increase reach, widen your customer base, and ultimately help your company achieve all its goals. A visible and highly popular platform such as FB is a great way to make your marketing efforts shine and for company to get noticed.

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