Are you running a company? Do you make products that sell in a market?
If your answer is yes to either of the questions, there is a good possibility that you
have faced your share of customer support issues. However, customer support
is often overlooked, knowingly or otherwise. While it is difficult to micromanage
customer support service, there is something that you Can do to serve your customers
better: interact with them on Facebook.

Facebook has gone beyond being just a social media platform. It is leveraged by brands in myriad ways, often used as a great place to interact with their customers. While it is a great place to receive testimonials about how great your product is, here are a few tips that should help you to get on the right side of your customers on Facebook:

Never be rude: Customers may get a little out of line, considering the fact that Facebook allows a certain amount of anonymity. Be polite and help them out. If possible, take the query out of the page and solve it offline/on mail.
The sooner you address the problem, the better it is.

Acknowledge: Your visitors expect to be talked to. So talk to them. Respond to comments. Like the good ones. Try to sort out the bad ones. Keep your interactions regular.

Take opinions: There is nothing more fun for a customer than be a part of the process of a brand he/she loves. Take opinion polls, organize contests. Make sure that your brand is interacting with its customers.

We will soon be talking more about brand interactions and how Facebook Apps can help turn your business around. Stay tuned!

Till next time,
Digitally Yours,
Team Animon Live.

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