Create Content That Educates The Audience
Do you want to take your business to the next level?
We all know that more leads are good for us, but we might not know how to get them. Well, one way is by using Guides as a lead magnet for your business. Creating and promoting guides as a lead magnet can help you generate more leads for your business.
Engagement is the longest stage in the buyer journey. The more valuable and relevant content you produce – it is easy for you to keep them engaged to be always in their mind.
Need some ideas?
As a consultant or marketer (e-Commerce), you can create a guide using titles like:
– How to set up an eCommerce business
– E-commerce Shopping Trends 2019
– Best practices for growing your online business
– The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Small Business Online
– The best eCommerce guide for online store owners
– Five steps to $10,000 a month
– How I grew my business by 1,200% in one year
Similarly, if you are a manufacturer, you can create a guide to educate your prospects about using and maintaining your product. So, if you manufacture any machinery, you can inform customers how to use the product to get the best from it and keep it without paying engineers to service them frequently.
Now, think about ideas you can create for your business. Did you get any idea what kind of guide you can create for your business? Share in the comment window.

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