Our Santa for Day 13 is Eyconic Solar Pvt Ltd.

In January 2015, two futurists, Sourav Raj and Ankit Singh came together to create a solar tech company to harness the omnipresent solar energy.

The vision was to focus on creating affordable and sustainable solutions that work for clients in residential, commercial as well as large-scale government requirements to meet the energy and power needs while protecting the environment.

As everyone realizes the need to reduce emissions due to the burning of fossil fuels – which are a limited and a non-renewable resource. Saurav and Ankit realized this need and joined forces to come up with a company that provides solar PV panels mounted on rooftops.

There are many ways you can know more about Eyconic Solar:
Website: http://eyconicsolar.com/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/eyconicsolar
Twitter: https://twitter.com/eyconicsolar
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eyconicsolar

Thank you, Eyconic Solar Pvt Ltd for being our Santa.
Really, #YouAreOurSanta.


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