SlideShare is a social media platform for sharing presentations online. So what does this mean for marketers?

It means that there are more opportunities to create content and drive people back to your site with SlideShare than ever before.

Beyond Building Brand Awareness …

In addition to driving traffic back to your company’s website, you can also use SlideShare as a great way to generate leads by using lead generation forms embedded into your slides or presenting specific offers during commercial breaks.

Lead forms should be strategically placed so they don’t disrupt the flow of information but provide an opportunity for audience members to consume your content.

Now, let’s talk about how SlideShare can help you drive traffic back to your website and generate leads. You can use any of your existing lead magnets on SlideShare.

For example, case studies and thought leadership content are more accepted during a buyer’s decision process research phases. You may experience lower lead form conversions, but your views will be higher.
One tip for a better conversion rate is to ask fewer questions in the lead form.

But promotional or educational content is seen when a buyer is looking for information about your product. This type of content may have fewer viewers, but it will likely have a higher conversion rate on your landing pages. This, as an approach, allows you to ask more questions that will aid in assessing a prospective buyer’s interest.

Create a lead form using your content on SlideShare to reach your prospects. More than 70M professionals actively look for content like yours on SlideShare every month.

Stop missing out on leads!

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