Land More Clients, Leads, and Sales using Welcome eMails
Email marketing is one of the most well-known and effective ways to connect with your customers. If you are looking for a way to create an even more lasting connection, email marketing – especially welcome emails – may be right up your alley!
Here’s what you need to make it work:
1) Introduce yourself by sending out a welcoming message that shares who you are and any promotions or coupons available at the time.
2) Next, send 6-8 engaging emails after introducing yourself, including tips on not to spam people or irritating them by being too pushy.
3) Send these helpful tidbits periodically (once every week would be best).
4) Follow this routine and watch as they start coming back regularly!
But how does the welcome email series help you to grow your business?
When you use welcome emails — new contacts will get a warm message welcoming them to subscribe & become first-time buyers for your product. At the same time, existing customers can cross-sell their products and up-sells (that means they may even buy something else).
Need help to get ideas on what you can send in the welcome email series?
I have shared a dedicated section in my book “Instant Content” ( to help you extend this idea to create content.
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