Tell-A-Friend is the perfect tool to drive traffic to your E-Commerce website through the power of word of mouth. A happy customer would refer your company’s site to a friend without any effort – just one click on the Tell-A-Friend button would allow the customer to tell several of their friends and associates about your company’s site and products. A smooth, professional, and easy function, harnesses the power of customer brand ambassadors, allowing them to tell others about what they would have benefited from. For an E Commerce company, installing this feature requires only the knowledge of being able to copy and paste a piece of code onto its web pages.

Why is Tell-A-Friend so powerful?

  • It allows your customers and other visitor to share your company’s website with others in just a single click
  • More shares, increases awareness and reach of your website thereby significantly improving the ‘traffic’ on your site
  • Sharing possible to all the popular social networks
  • Gaining more friends and contacts through the address book of current customers and visitors
  • The ability to translate this ‘button’ to any language

What does a Tell-A-Friend button do?

  1. When the reader clicks on this button, they would see a prompt form asking them to enter their own name and email address and the same details of the proposed recipient. The pre-written message on the form can easily be edited and personalized, for the recipient. On sending this form, the recipient would receive a plain text email with the message on the form, along with the link to the article / site from which this form was sent.
  2. In business, it is a known fact that attracting new customers is at least 10 times harder than retaining existing customers. Another important fact is that an increasing number of people would buy from or visit the website and social sites of companies that may have been recommended by their friends, associates, and existing customers of the company. Tell-A-Friend is therefore a highly potent tool when used right to gain attention and visitors to your website since it allows readers and customers to share with their friends and others what they believe to be useful. Many versions of Tell-A-Friend allow the user to select attractive styles, colour schemes and personalized language when sending forth the ‘recommendation’. This makes a greater impact and leaves a positive impression on the recipients, even before they actually visit the recommended website. With a positive mind-frame, the recipient would be more likely to not only visit the site, but also look at forming an association with the company.
  3. For the company, this means that they would be able to collect email addresses, and send messages to these opt-in people, without the fear of spamming. The other great feature of Tell-A-Friend option – is that even though you may have collected the visitor’s information, your company must not use it indiscriminately. Instead, your company could put in an option for the receiver to opt in to the mailing list or not. This would ensure that the recipient would receive messages from your company only when she or he so desires.
  4. The Tell-A-Friend tool allows a company to track the number of times the visitor’s to the website make a referral and which exact page / pages do they recommend. The fact that a visitor decided to tell a friend / associate about your website or even a single page, means that they your website must have been engaging and interesting enough for them to make the effort. Tracking the number of times this happens allows a company to assess the performance of its website – thereby enabling it to improve what needs more attention, and enhancing the performance of what seems to be ‘shared’ the most. The better a website functions, the more visitors it would get since the popular search engines would be more likely to assign such websites top spots in the SERPs.

Benefiting from the Word of Mouth Power

As mentioned, word of mouth recommendation from existing customers and friends is possibly the most potent form of advertising and promotion for any E Commerce company. The Tell-A-Friend option makes it easy for them to pass on their recommendation, which enhances the likelihood of them actually using the button. The fact that the website’s URL is picked up automatically, ensures accuracy and an error free message for the recipient too. If the recipient were excited enough about the message, the Tell-A-Friend option in the message would ensure that they pass it on to several others. Imagine the reach and spread your company and its website would receive – without any added investment or effort on your part.

Let us know what you think and if you have any ideas about how to garner increased website traffic using the Tell-A-Friend tool. In order to garner a lot more interest for your company’s website, and lead to possible conversions, do enlist the help of our experts who would help you to gain more attention for your business and accelerate its growth through a customized eCommerce portal designed along with this and many other beneficial features.

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